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Next FLM: 13th May, Legacy (Type 1.5)

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3rd May
Nice big update today.
Events updated. Hamilton Regionals are 26th June.
New Warthog Quiz!
Standings updated.
Waikato Open Deck Breakdown Added
21st April
The decklists im sure you've all been waiting for, the 2005 Waikato Open Top 8 Decklists are available at the new site Here
15th April
Although a number of people came extremely close to answering Warthog's Quiz this week it managed to evade all, so the prize jackpots to 3 boosters for the next quiz....keep your eyes peeled for the new question which will be up soon
14th April
Standings Updated.
See you at the Open.
11th April
With the Regionals and then the Nationals nearing, it would be a good opportunity to try out those T2 deck ideas in either the Waikato Open on the 16th or the next FLM on the 22nd
8th April
Interesting article on the current state of standard over at magicthegathering.com Click Here to read on.
No one took out the quiz the week, so it jackpots to 2 boosters. New Quiz NOW!!
7th April
Just in time for next FLM, the standings are up. Sorry about the long wait.
4th April
Checkout the Waikato Open coming up. Standings should be up next few days, computer troubles all round for Tony and Dave.
23rd March
Standings and FLMs Updated (Sorry this took so long, busy week), New Warthog Quiz Too!
12th March
Another New Warthog Quiz! Everyone have a go at this one, your guess is as good as mine!
8th March
New Weekly Warthog Quiz! Enjoy :)


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