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Regional Events

Waikato Events

21-22/5 Saviours Pre-Release.
Details to Come!
26/6 Waikato Regionals.
More details to Come!
23/7 PTQ Los Angeles.
Format: Kamigawa Block Constructed.
Details to Come!
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Tauranga Events

First the bad news.
No regularly scheduled tournaments (i.e. second Saturday of the month) for 2005.
Now the good news. We are in the process of setting up a Game Convention (DandYCON?) to be held over a weekend in August. Events will include Magic: the Gathering, D&D Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures, War Hammer, Living Greyhawk Roleplay, and maybe eve Star Wars Roleplay. Stay tuned for further bulletins!!!

Any changes/updates can be found on the DandY website (http://www.dandy.co.nz)
Any questions - just ask!

David Bailey

Tauranga Tournament Organiser


ph: (07) 578-2676

For more info go to Dandys

Auckland Events

2nd April
PTQ London Booster Draft
25th June
Magic Regionals: Auckland
PTQ Los Angeles Block Constructed
NZ Magic National Championship
24th/25th September
MTG Pre-Release
22nd October
North Island Champs
23rd October
Andy Fletcher Type 1
PTQ ____ Rochester Draft

For further information please visit


or contact us directly

See you there,

James White

Tournament Organiser

Salty Dog Tournaments


mobile : 021 426 366

Brenton Cumberpatch

DCI Certified Judge - Level 2

Salty Dog Tournaments


mobile : 021 447 222

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