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Hamilton Regionals
Written by Dave Williams

Hi there everyone.

On Sat I had the pleasure of a Maggies road trip, something I
haven't done for many years, I must say I loved every single minute
of it.  Our posse consisted of Daddy Woo aka Tony, Alex the
crusher McKenzie, Jay the smokescreen McArthur and me, Davey
Doomed for Grinders Williams.  Alex went through undefeated
smashing dreams on the way, even playing the last round when he
could have drawn it through.  Tony had a strong start to the day but
had a couple of mana gips and ended the day in 13th spot.  Jay
and myself were on 5 wins 2 losses and waited anxiously to see if
we were one of the 2 people on 5-2 to make top 8, my resistance
was cake due to people dropping out after I smashed them and my
name was read out as 12th 2 names later was Jay at 10th.  Great
result from the boys.  I even pulled out one of my ancient Team
Rotovegas shirts to represent.  Applications being taken for the
new Team Vegas members, contact me.

Congrats to all the people who have made it through to the National

Here in Chiefs country we had 54 players show up for the chance to
 represent.  People travelled from the ends of the earth, Auckland,
Tauranga, Rotorua,and Hamilton to show what they've got.
Of course, 54 men enter....8 men leave, those eight are:

1. Dan Bretherton - Rav
2. George Zhang - MWC
3. Josh Tutaki - Burn
4. Hamish Reeve - MWC
5. Andrew MacIntyre - T & N RG
6. Nico Johnston - Rav
7. Kirk Allen - Bidding
8. Nigel Lee - GW Control

Deck Breakdown
Ravager - 12
Goblins - 7
Burn/Mono red - 6
MWC - 3
Elves - 3
March of Mach - 2 (1 finished 9th...bugger)
Oversold Cem - 2
Tooth and Nail - 2
GW Control - 2
Beast LD - 2
Slide - 1
Various others - 12

It was a very enjoyable day and I'm sure those who enetered had
fun.  At the end of the day we had all 54 people as active players,
Hemi Ma dropped upon completion of the 6th round to allow Nigel
Lee to live the dream....big ups to Hemi.

To those who didn't make it, see you in the grinders...again.

David Williams


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