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Warthogs Quiz

Glad you could make it. Time to stretch that grey matter

Ok so here goes.....the important yet not so exciting bit....yet entirely necessary and it would pay to read very carefully if you want to win!!!!!!

The rules....


The object of the quiz is to get Magic players involved in the website....from this week the quiz will only be open to people who are taking an active role in the website i.e. using the forums, submitting articles and the like.


The winner will be the first person to give me the correct answer to the question whether via email or at Fri-lite magic each alternate week.

If the Question is not answered correctly it will jackpot the next week and so on.

The winner will receive initially 1 x Booster of Homelands (just joking)
1 x awesome booster of the Warthogs choosing!

One answer per person.

Absolutely no sharing of answer and no posting answer on forum.

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
You will be notified by email (the email you sent the answer from) or in person.

Although a number of people came pretty close to the answer no-one actually was able to answer it 100% correctly.
The prize now jackpots to 3 boosters.

Last weeks Question:

What goblin spell/creature card depicts in the art body parts of three other creatures from Magic?
Clue: One creature is Llanowar Elves
Name the goblin card and the two other creatures?
The Answer Was:
Goblin Chirurgeon (Phil Foglio one), Llanowar Elves, Uthden Troll & Jedit Ojanen.
This weeks Rules Are are:
1. The first person to send me the correct answers before midnight Thursday 12th May (along with their forum name) will win a booster.
2. Only one entry per person. And no colluding please.
3. The answer must consist of the cards required and the quality that links them all
Any questions (other than the answer) feel free to email me.
Good luck and happy puzzling!

This weeks Question:

As there have been no correct entries to the quiz over the past two questions the prize has now jackpotted to 3 juicy FREE boosters! Good luck!

Q. Ancestral Recall is one card of a subset. Name the other cards in the subset and the qualities they have that links them all.

Clue: This is not as simple as it seems.....What do you expect for 3 boosters..........think about it carefully and you should be able to get it!

Quiz question runs until midnight Thurs 12th May or until someone answer it correctly whichever comes first.
Include your forum username with your answer and
Send me your answers here

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