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My FNM Tourney Report
Written by Henry Gammon

I came home from school on the 28th soaking wet from walking home in the rain, and trust me thats not a good a feeling. My idea was to run my Raffinity at this FLM which was basically complete except missing a single glimmervoid. Now I have never been a big fan of affinity and especially dont like it because it packs to much blue (4 thoughtcasts) this could explain why I never do that well with affinity. So today after a lovely day at school I pulled out my Tooth and Dragons deck I was working on and not only made it type 2 but also made it tournament standard.

Heres the deck I ended up running:


11x Forest

8x Mountain

1x Wooded Foothills

4x Cloudpost


4x Viridan Shaman

3x Imperial HellKite

2x Solemn Simulacrum

1x DarkSteel Colossus

2x Platinum Angel

1x Leonin Abunas

4x Elvish Pioneer

1x Vine Trelis


4x Reap and Sow

2x Oxidise

4x Tooth and Nail

4x Oblivion Stone

4x Sylvan Scrying

Total 60

(Its amazing what you can do in the comfort of your own home)

After play testing with my brother for awhile i relised this deck had potential and that imperial hellkites ability to search for companions is a very good ability. Now if I don't know my opponants name its because I'm not to great with remembering names.

Game 1: Sophar Rach playing White and green beats or control?

1) I manage to get going early rushing ahead in land while using reap and sows to try and holt him from unmorphing his Exalted angel, it slows him down but im not drawing anything usefull and eventually he finds his 5th land so his temple works and begins beating me down with the angel. but it gets worse as another angel comes out and begins hitting me. When finally manage to holt the attack when im on 3 life. I get 3 hellkites out and then he plays akromas veagence killing my hopes. I manage to draw no creatures and see myself killed by a Viridan Shaman.

2) Turn 1: Cloudpost

Turn 2: Cloudpost

Turn 3: I tap the 2 cloudposts I have for 4 mana then play another cloud post and use the 4 mana to play solemn simulacrum and put a forest into play tapped.

Turn 4: Play a forest then tap all my cloudposts and 2 forest for a darksteel colossus

His Turn 4: He plays Worship. After that he beats me to death with an exalted angel.


Game 2: Cant remember playing white and red

1) He had to mulliganed to 5 with me keeping an average hand which would get results. It was very quick the colossus came out and it was over pretty quickly with him seeing a lack of mana.

2) He said he didnt get enough mana again although he had 3. He got out an early imperial plate with a silver knight but I blocked its attack with my pioneer and managed to get out an entwined tooth and nail after taking 9 damage from his knight.


Game 2: Shaun playing Goblin Bidding with clamps

1) I new this would be a tough match up, goblin bidding is fast and with my lack of sideboard this was gonna get messy. I raced ahead he was going very slow and i had enough land to entwine a tooth and nail but just wasnt drawing one and eventually i was killed by a sharpshooter a warchief a sledder and a prospecter.

2) This second match was very close. After getting beaten to within an inch of my life (5 life) i managed to entwine a tooth and nail for a Leonin Abunas and Platinum Angel.

After that i begin to beat him down with the angel and it was only because he missed his only chance to kill the Abunas and then echoing ruin the angel that he lost the match. I was very lucky.

3) Game 3 was much like the first game he didnt get anything down to quickly and i managed to use the shamans to hose the clamps. I draw into a few creatures and killed him with a hellkite leaving sufficient blockers behind.

Altogether it was a great night and a felt much more comfortable playing with my New Deck then my old affinity. My loses came down to lack of play testing and experiance with this new deck and lack of sideboard (Or just Sophar's a very good player).

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