Hamilton Magic Central - Credits



I would like to thank Tony for his hosting of Fri-lite magic. This has attracted a lot of people to the game of magic in Hamilton and is probably the reason many veteran players still play, and his continued support of this website and his helpful ideas regarding it.

Richie also deserves thanking as he's helped me through the first stages of creation with things I should change to improve the website. He's been helping since the beginning.

The people at Mark One have improved the quality of MTG in Hamilton a lot with sponsorship and good deals on MTG cards. Without them the cost of tournaments would rise to pay for prizes this means there would be less players.

Henry Gammon came up with the idea to create this site for all of you and decided to go ahead and do it.  He has put in a lot of hard work into this site and will continue too.  

James Gordon has also helped with the site design and content and is running the forums.

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